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September 2022 Market Commentary

September 2022 Market Commentary

A historically weak week in the S&P500 was again historically weak.  It wasn’t much of a surprise to see the major stock markets in both the US and globally have a tough time in September.  Last month we suggested the positive movement in July was likely...

Scams to Look Out For – Don’t Be a Victim!!

Scams to Look Out For – Don’t Be a Victim!!

With the explosion of online commerce during and after the pandemic, online scams have also seen a meteoric rise in popularity, unfortunately.  Some of them are old-school which you may be familiar with, and smart enough to avoid.  But some of the newer...

Just How Bad Are Things?

Just How Bad Are Things?

We all have heard someone complain about how bad things are these days, or how afraid they are about what the kids growing up today will have to deal with, or that the future looks bleaker each year, or, or, or.   World-weariness affects almost all of us at...

Buying The “Right” Life Insurance

Buying The “Right” Life Insurance

I believe that almost all financial, investment or insurance offerings can help a specific need.  For example, a reverse mortgage can be a viable option in the right situation for someone.  But it’s not the right solution for everyone.  Also, sometimes...