Investment Management

Shadowridge distinguishes itself from many investment advisors you will encounter by our active risk-managed, tactical approach to investing. We do not believe in passive, buy-and-hold portfolios.


Active Managers who Adapt to Changing Markets

We believe that taking advantage of opportunities for market gains and managing risk for market drops requires an active investment approach.
There is nothing random or efficient about today’s financial markets. There are periods of increased risk and periods of exuberance; there are uptrends and downtrends; there are historical patterns of good and bad times to be invested.

At Shadowridge, we are students of the financial markets, continually monitoring, analyzing and adapting to where the market is today. We use a highly quantitative, momentum-based approach to select investments and make decisions on when to hold or replace positions in each strategy.

“The essence of investment management is the management of risk, not the management of returns.” -Benjamin Graham, “The Dean of Wall Street”

Our Process

1. Screen Funds/ETFs
2. Watch Trends
3. Make Decisions
4. Adjust your portfolio

5. Monitor Seasonality

Account Types

  • IRA’S
  • 403B’S
Fee-only, Fiduciary Advisors, No Hidden Charges