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What’s a 403(b)?

What’s a 403(b)?

While many people are more familiar with the term 401(k), 403(b) accounts are very similar and have some unique features.  In fact, the main difference is the IRS code governing for-profit business retirement plans is in Section 401(k) while the Section 403(b)...

August 2022 Market Commentary

August 2022 Market Commentary

While July turned out to be a decent month for most stock and bond indexes, August hasn’t been able to continue that momentum.  As of Wednesday’s close, both the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100 are very close to being flat for the month.  And the Aggregate...

What to Expect From Inflation?

What to Expect From Inflation?

Inflation has begun to moderate, largely due to our government’s move to destroy demand with high prices and pull money out of consumer’s hands via higher taxes.  Policies designed to limit supplies of energy are evidence of the government’s intent to raise gas...

Inherited IRAs… the Rules Keep A-Changin’!

Inherited IRAs… the Rules Keep A-Changin’!

If you have been involved with estate planning in any way over the past two years, you are probably familiar with the overwhelming and complicated process of dealing with inherited accounts.  Even in the “simplest” of cases, it’s usually not that simple. ...