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4 Things Boomers Should Never Sell in Retirement

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Though it might be tempting to sell off your stock to get some money for this new phase of your life, Laura Redfern, a certified financial planner at Shadowridge Asset Management, LLC, said you shouldn’t give into that urge.

-Laura Redfern

7 Key Signs Your Financial Advisor Is Giving You Bad Money Advice - Phil

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He said to ask if there are restrictions on getting your money back, or fees and expenses if you wish to liquidate the investment.

-Phil Lebkuecher

Proactive Advisor Magazine Article

Proactive Advisor Magazine

It’s not about missing the best or worst days of the market; it’s about staying with a disciplined investment plan for the long run.

-William Hepburn

Women Say They Need More Money- How To Ask for a Raise — and Use It Wisely

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“…getting a raise involves overcoming your fear and stating what you want.”

-Laura Redfern

GBR I’m a Financial Advisor- Here Are the 5 Best Ways I See Retirees Spend Money

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“My smartest retiree clients don’t put everything in cash — and that includes the proceeds from pensions or annuities. They know their investments need to keep up with inflation, which is why they still keep them invested after retirement.” – Laura Redfern


“If a retiree is charitably inclined (and especially if they’re making annual donations to a charity anyway), using their required minimum distribution as a qualified charitable distribution can be a win-win...”

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“Retirees often don’t realize that being overweight in bonds could be devastating…”

-Ryan Redfern

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“Flexibility is key in choosing active or index funds.”

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“My general opinion is that it is too early to tell the state of wealth for millennials…”

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“Unlock the secrets to retiring as a teacher without Social Security, ensuring financial security and peace of mind.”

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“Discover four key strategies for a financially peaceful retirement: start saving early, maintain an emergency fund, see your nest egg as an ongoing opportunity, and find purpose in your golden years.”

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“Discover personalized savings milestones for every stage of life, from building an emergency fund in your 30s to securing your legacy in your 70s.”

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“Unlock the secrets to maximizing your retirement savings through strategic Roth IRA conversions and contributions at every stage of your financial journey.”

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“…it’s all about being comfortable with how you invest your money, then keeping it wherever you invest.”

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“Discover how your greatest joys in life can be supported by your money decisions.”

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Peaceful Prosperity

Do you feel like you have failed miserably at making wise financial decisions? Does the world of finance feel foreign and inaccessible to you? Do you wish you had a friend who would just explain money management?

Look no further! Laura Redfern is that friend and knowledgeable guide. A Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Financial Transitionist™ with a background in literature and theater, she comes to the world of finance with a refreshing and creative perspective.

After working with hundreds of clients, especially women, for more than two decades, Laura has seen what drives financial decision-making – both successful and unsuccessful. In this book, she shows you how emotions, attitudes, and beliefs influence your relationship with money.

Through personal stories and practical advice, Laura gives you the tools you need to discover how your greatest joys in life can be supported by your money decisions and take on constructive goals one at a time.

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Why Bad Things Happen to Good Investments

In “Why Bad Things Happen to Good Investments,” Will Hepburn explores the complexities of the investment mantra, Buy Low, Sell High, revealing challenges in its execution. Hepburn contends that achieving the dual goal is vital for success, yet Wall Street often discourages selling. Using examples like Enron’s 2001 collapse, the book underscores the need for strategic planning amid market changes. Critically examining Wall Street practices, Hepburn exposes structural problems hindering effective service to individual investors. He provides accessible strategies for all investors, including redefined diversification and clear indicators for selling. The book aims to empower readers to navigate market dynamics and safeguard investments, offering practical insights in a concise guide to financial decision-making.

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