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If you are searching for an answer to almost anything today, you can probably find it on the internet.  It’s amazing to think that, over the past 30 years or so, we have created an accessible resource of human knowledge so vast that many of us now rely on it for all manner of answers, from the simplest questions to the most complex.   

The problem today isn’t finding information; it’s finding reliable information from a trusted source.  Quite simply, how do you know if what you read is accurate?  For complex topics especially, information that is incorrect or misleading can be “over amplified” by social media platforms, meaning that the top answers that show up in your search aren’t necessarily the most dependable. 

So what’s a curious investor to do??  Answer: don’t stop with an internet search.  Ask someone you trust, who can help you sort through the good and not-so-good information you are likely to encounter.  

We encourage clients to be as proactive and inquisitive as they are inclined to be, and to ask questions of their financial team.  After all, that’s what we’re here for.  A good financial advisor should serve as your resource in two ways: first, by helping you sort through accurate information versus inaccurate information; and second, by putting that information into perspective.  

For example, an experienced advisor should be able to ask you questions like “WHY are you looking for that information?” (something the internet will likely never ask you).  This can help you get at the root cause of what you are really searching for (which might be more than simple information).  Other useful questions may include: “What difference will that make in your life?” or “Who else will be effected by that decision?” or “How do you feel about that?”   

Simply put, today, the challenge is not in finding answers; it is finding wisdom.   

A trusted thought partner can help you find wisdom.  They can help you identify what’s really at stake and what you can do about it.  They can help you move from desperately seeking information to calmly solving your problem.   

At Shadowridge, we strive to be trusted thought partners.  We’re deeply grateful for you, for your questions, and for your curiosity about how to improve your lives and the lives of those you care about.   

Thank you for bringing us your questions – and please keep bringing them!  It’s how we all grow, learn, and move forward.  

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season,