Can you recall a time when you felt really “in the zone”?  Whatever you were doing, it felt like you were laser-focused, in the flow, making all the right moves, and knew exactly what to do and when.  These “flow” moments don’t always last long, but when they are here, they feel great, don’t they?

Could it be possible to be in that type of “flow” when dealing with your money?  The answer is yes!  I have seen it in others and experienced it myself.  The good news is, anyone can do it.  You don’t have to love spreadsheets or be a math geek to experience clarity and happiness when dealing with your money.  It simply takes awareness and attention.

Try this: before you tackle a money task, simply take a moment to breathe.  If you like, you can close your eyes.  See if you can follow your breath in and out for 3 cycles (inhale/exhale).  This helps your mind to calm and focus.  It also helps your body to relax, getting out of the “fight or flight” mode that we often find ourselves in.  Breathing deeply sends a signal to the body that we are not in mortal danger, which allows us to think more clearly.

Now you can open your eyes and begin your task.  You may be pleasantly surprised by how different you feel – and how much more efficiently you get the task accomplished – when you set up your body and mind for a calmer experience.

This is just one example of using mindfulness to create a better experience with your finances.  Does the idea of mindfulness and money appeal to you?  Stay tuned!  I’ll be offering classes on this topic in the fall.