Time is an interesting dimension.  While time is a fixed measurement, our perception of time can vary greatly depending on what we are doing and/or feeling.   

It has been said that the longest eight seconds in life is riding a bull.  I believe that’s a true statement but have only watched it from the safety of the stands at the Wimberley rodeo.  Conversely, I told my pastor that he can make an hour on Sunday morning seem like five minutes, underwater! Thankfully, he tolerates my sense of humor.  Regardless of our actions or emotions, time continues its inevitable march. 

It’s About Perception 

Time can “fly” or “be as slow as molasses in winter” depending upon what we’re doing.  It seems the things we enjoy in life make it go “quickly” while the things we dislike seem to last for eternity.  Of course, neither of the comments are true; it’s just our perception. 

This means that when we are engaged in desirable activities, such as a summer vacation, it’s worthwhile to take a moment to slow down and reflect on the experience.  This will allow us to live more moments by being present and in a state of gratitude.  It will also allow us to relish the moments and memories during the more difficult times in life. 

I’ll share a personal way I use this.  My mother is deep into Alzheimer’s and does not recognize anyone. Sadly, she is becoming less and less communitive.  However, when I speak to her, I make sure to remember those great moments I’ve had with her in the past.  It’s the only way I can deal with watching this disease take my mother’s dignity and eventually her life.   

Slowing Down and Investing 

Slowing down can also help us make better financial decisions.  Financial information comes at us quickly and constantly.  It’s often tailored to cause us to be emotional and act impulsively, claiming we could “win or lose” if we don’t act immediately. Responding immediately is a natural impulse and can feel great when we’re emotional. However, it’s seldom beneficial… especially when it has to do with money. 

Slowing down empowers us to take a more mindful approach to the decision at hand.  We are constantly bombarded with “today’s news” and “expert” opinions that stimulate our impulses to respond quickly. So how does one slow down?  The first step is to commit to making more mindful, less emotional financial decisions.  The next step is to contact me to discuss what’s important in your financial life. 

One of the things I love most about being an advisor is helping people to slow down and take a more deliberate and mindful approach to their decision-making.  It not only improves decisions; it also improves the investor experience.  All of us at Shadowridge are here for you! 

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