Seminars and Events

Peaceful Prosperity workshops

Hosted by Laura Redfern

First, we discover the drivers behind our money behavior by digging into the emotions and narratives we carry with us.  Then, we then de-mystify financial tools and vocabulary with a personal, playful twist.  Finally, we create your personal plan that includes small, do-able steps and celebrations along the way to help you stay energized and confident as you move forward.

Explore your money story, learn some new terminology, and be empowered along with other women to create a better relationship with your finances.

Will’s College Classes in Prescott, AZ

For over 30 years, Will’s has taught retirees how to confidently make investment decisions and identify the results they want.  If you feel overwhelmed or intimidated by investment decisions, the information in this class can get you started on a proven path to financial security.  Learn the good, the bad and the ugly about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities and more. 

Mindful Money Clarity workshops

co-hosted by Laura Redfern and Yoga and Meditation Teacher Lisa Feder, marry mindfulness with financial confidence.

Each class incorporates a money exercise and a mindful meditative inquiry. This synergy will help you approach money issues from both your intellect and your intuition—thus, the head and the heart.

Our mission is to give you tools for the head and the heart so you can not only release anxiety, but also you will gain insights that empower you to put your money to work for you in alignment with your intentions and values.