Music and Learnings

These last few months at Shadowridge have been eventful, to say the least!

Ryan had a spontaneous opportunity to fill-in for another musician, playing bass at a multi-day music festival in Spain during this past September.  While there, he traveled to four villages in southern Spain with a band based out of Austin, Texas.

As a man of many words (I write sarcastically),  Ryan describes the experience as “fun!” While disappointed about the lack of tacos in the “Golden Coast,” he was excited to add “bullfighting ring” to his list of places he’s played.  And now it’s on to Austin Opera’s production of “Carmen,” in which he will appear as a supernumerary (a fancy word for “extra”).

Laura had an exciting few months too!  She was featured in another news article! U.S. News quoted her in an article published on September 6, 2017, entitled, “How to Find the Roth IRA Sweet Spot.” The article mentions important tips regarding tax triggers, conversion methods, and eligibility requirements for a Roth IRA. Check it out, here!

Also, Laura appeared on two panels at the FPA (Financial Planning Association) Conference here in Austin.  This year’s conference was titled, “Collaborative and Integrated Planning Strategies – How Allied Professionals Can Work Together to Better Serve Our Common Clients.”

At the conference, Laura shared her experiences that have enabled her to better serve her clients.  She was also able to build new relationships with fellow financial planning professionals and learn from their experiences.

We hope everyone is gearing up for a fun and safe holiday season!