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Maximizing Social Security

Financial Strategy Fact Sheet

Goal: Maximize Social Security


The Problem

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Individuals and couples miss out on opportunities they are entitled to by making decisions based on incorrect assumptions of how the Social Security system works.


This can lead to:

• loss of thousands of dollars of Social Security income over a lifetime, especially when coordinating spousal benefits

• unnecessary pressure on other sources of retirement savings

• unpleasant surprise in the amount of the Social Security benefit when factors such as the Windfall Elimination Provision are not taken into account.

• unhappiness with overall retirement income because they don’t realize that taxation of Social Security and the benefit amount are two different issues



The Solution

Work with a Trusted Advisor to analyze and recommend an optimal Social Security election strategy for your family.


•Identify the strategy that offers the highest lifetime value, using software to analyze hundreds of possible election strategies

•Match your Social Security decision to your overall financial plan

•Quantify realistic projected vs. desired income to maximize current and future resources

•Provide a personal report comparing best, earliest, and alternative strategies and alternatives for your consideration



People who can benefit most:

Clients who benefit most from Social Security Maximization:


• Age 55 – 70 (whether they have elected already or not)

•Married couples, single, divorced, and widows

•Government employees, including teachers

Next Steps:

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