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Shadowridge Asset Management

Financial Planning

Through financial planning, we help clients bring their financial lives into focus, allowing them to experience clarity and organization. Our values- based process is designed to empower clients to make better financial decisions by taking both quantitative and qualitative measures into account. The process moves clients step by step from where they are now to where they want to be.

Laura and a client

Shadowridge offers financial planning on a fixed-fee basis encompassing four options:

Basic Financial Planning is designed to help clients explore their goals and values, assess their current financial situation and identify realistic strategies and courses of action to meet their financial objectives.

Financial Planning & Organization is a more detailed approach that includes analysis of cash reserves and debt, net worth summary, employee benefits recommendations, Social Security maximization, tax reduction opportunities, investment risk assessment, and allocation strategies. The end result is a personal financial goal plan with recommendations and action items.

Advanced Financial Design builds on the previous package with the addition of insurance review of life, disability and long-term care coverage; estate planning risks, and legacy design.

Social Security Maximization and Retirement Readiness evaluates the client’s current financial situation with respect to retirement goals, identifying multiple Social Security options and presenting a recommended maximization strategy.

Each financial planning level includes follow up from Shadowridge financial planners to help clients stay on track with their goals. We are also available to help with specific financial issues as they arise.

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” -Roy Disney