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Anticipating Retirement

Financial Strategy Fact Sheet

Goal: Organize Financial Household in Anticipation of Retirement


The Problem

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Individuals and couples within 1-5 years of retirement face the following:


• No shared vision between spouses

• Lack of a detailed plan outlining future expenses, income sources and timeline

• Uncertainty about navigating employee benefits, Social Security, and Medicare

• Anxiety over timing and exit strategy from job or business

• Feeling overwhelmed by the scope of advice; not sure where to turn or who to trust



The Solution

Work with an Investment Advisor to create and implement a personalized
retirement lifestyle plan.


• Define dreams, goals, and objectives for all involved

• Quantify current and future needs

• Develop and implement a process to streamline and simplify your finances

• Maximize current and future resources

• Work with a team of trusted professionals to help you navigate your new lifestyle


People who can benefit most:

Soon-to-be-retirees will benefit most if they:


• Wish to align their finances with their personal life goals

• Want to simplify, streamline, and systemize the retirement process

• See the value of investing and professional advice

• Would like to feel more in control of their future and achieve their dreams


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