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Consolidating Investment Accounts

  Financial Strategy Fact Sheet

Goal: Consolidate Investment Accounts


The Problem

Individuals managing investments face the following:


• Financial insecurity caused by feeling out of control of investment process and results

• Information overload caused by the volume and complexity of statements

• Limited time, expertise, or interest to spend on personal finances

• No Formal financial or investment plan



The Solution

Work with an Investment Advisor to create and implement a personalized investment management plan.


• Define client’s risk tolerances and objectives

• Design and implement investment strategies

     • Tailor an investment strategy and asset allocation mix to meet client’s investment objectives

     • Diversify investment portfolios to minimize risk and volatility

• Monitor performance and maintain asset allocation

     • Compare performance relative to client’s goals

     • Re-balance portfolios to maintain proper diversification

• Additional ongoing services

     • Produce quarterly reports detailing transactions, income and realized profits and losses

     • A personal advisor will monitor performance, answer questions and recommend options



People who can benefit most

Serious investors will benefit most if they:


• Would like to feel in control of investment direction, minimize transaction costs, and avoid expensive mistakes

• Want to simplify, streamline, and systemize the investment management process

• Have over $50,000 in cash and/or investible securities



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