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The Personal Side of Money

The Personal Side of Money

I often find that when people come to me for financial advice, they get more than they bargain for.  A conversation about the stock market?  Sure.  Tips on how to save for a future goal?  You bet.  Observations about the opportunities...

November 2020 Market Commentary

November 2020 Market Commentary

November appears to be getting back to normal for the stock market now that we’re past the election tension.  Volatility, measured by the VIX index, has been steadily falling back to the lows we saw in mid-August.  And the S&P 5001 has slowly risen back...

3 Things to Do by Year End

3 Things to Do by Year End

As this year comes to a close, here are my top 3 important financial tasks to consider. Review Retirement Plan Contributions: Whether you contribute to a 401(k), 403(b), IRA, or Roth, look at your year-to-date contributions.  You can make 2020 contributions into...

Are You Really Maxing?

Are You Really Maxing?

Did you know there’s a difference between “getting the max employer match” in your 401k and “maxing” your 401k contributions?  I often hear this used interchangeably, but the differences are significant! How significant?  Try this: the MAXIMUM employee...