2018 Summer Reading Suggestions

We truly appreciate your business and friendship.  As summer begins, we’d like to return the favor by sharing our top picks to help jump start your summer reading.  Who knows?  You may learn something AND have fun!

Laura’s Pick for 2018
The Art of Money by Bari Tessler

Bari Tessler is described as a “financial therapist” who guides readers “into new, refreshingly honest relationships with money.”  Writing on topics such as “money shame” and “values-based bookkeeping,” she dives deep into the psychological aspects of money.  Her writing style is conversational and fun to read, as if you were across the table from a friend.  Chapters include personal stories as well as activities you can do to incorporate healthy money practices into your life.  This book is an invitation to approach money in a new, somewhat unconventional, way.

Ryan’s Pick for 2018
The One Thing by Gary Keller

From the co-founder of Keller Williams Realty, this book is an easy read on improving your focus to improve your life.  According to Keller, if you are laser-focused on single goals, it should take less time to accomplish them.  He demonstrates how multi-tasking is the enemy of getting tasks done well.  Instead, focusing on the single things that are most important to achieve your goals is the key.  As Keller says, “no one ever regrets giving it their best” – this book demonstrates how you can do just that for greater success.

Kinley’s Pick for 2018
Set for Life by Scott Trench

The author, Scott Trench, provides plans and options for one to achieve financial freedom in their life.  He emphasizes one’s own ability to get out of debt with tools for saving more and paying down your debts faster.  After reading Set for Life, you will have a new set of tools to apply to the financial aspects of your life.  No matter your financial state, I feel that everyone can benefit from the advice that this book provides.